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Live doesn’t always go in a linear direction, it’s filled with high points and low points. But, some people face different and often larger problems than others. For many people from all walks of life, trauma is a big issue. And the sad thing is that few people get the real help they need to seriously address their trauma in productive ways. Too often, people try to find solutions in drugs, alcohol, self-harm and other bad choices that just make things worse. Post-traumatic stress isn’t limited to people who are returning home from military deployment, people experience stress and trauma from many other situations. Abuse, domestic violence, the loss of a loved one, sexual assault and even natural disasters can leave someone with post-traumatic stress conditions that need extra help. If you’re ready to seriously treat your trauma without depending on drugs and alcohol for false hopes, it’s time to get the right help.

There are many different ways that people can address their trauma, and the professionals at Trauma Recovery Chicago can help you find your best options for addressing your specific trauma. It’s true that trauma can create struggles within, but you don’t have to let a tumultuous spirit drag you down into continued addiction, self-harm and drinking. The drugs and alcohol you’re trying to distract yourself with are making things impossible, and you need different solutions if you’re really going to address your trauma, anxiety or PTSD. At Trauma Recovery Chicago, their team can help you realize the best methods for treating your trauma with new coping mechanisms, approaches and tools to help you avoid triggers for harmful actions. You can make the right choices, and Trauma Recovery Chicago can help.

The doctors, therapists and licensed professionals at Trauma Recovery Chicago can help people facing trauma and other issues such as drug addiction or alcohol problems. The licensed clinicians at Trauma Recovery Chicago provide many therapies such as:

  • Hypnosis
  • Energy Healing
  • Gestalt Treatment
  • Profess Groups
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Psychodrama
  • Spiritual Growth Treatment
  • & Much More

With the right custom approaches to sobriety and supported mental health, you can find successful recovery and a transformed future. You can discover techniques for coping with any struggles both internally and externally. You can also face trauma without falling into harmful habits or self-doubt and self-injury. You can control your stresses, depression and other effects of trauma without the need for destructive drugs, alcohol or self-harm habits. People who are finally interested in overcoming their trauma, depression, addiction or self-harm and alcoholism are encouraged to reach out for help. If you or someone you know is ready to get started on turning things around, it’s time to connect with Trauma Recovery Chicago. Call (773) 886-1264 to get started.  

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